Not So Serious Book Club: NEW book in Outlander series!

Click here for more on “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” by Diana Gabaldon – it’s the latest in the Outlander series!

Click here for the order of the books in the Outlander series, in case you want to jump on board!

Below is the trailer for the Outlander TV series that’s on Starz:

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Denise B.
Denise B.
2 years ago

How I became an Outlander fan is a funny story. My grandchildren stay with me often and apparently one of them, during a stay, ordered Netflix. Whether it was on purpose or not it was done . He said she said and neither confessed . So, whether it be Jacob or Audrey it was ordered sometime in February 2019 and we did not realize it until August of 2019. I had seen advertisements for Outlander and I had thought, I think I would like that. I started watching and couldn’t stop. Although my husband wanted to cancel Netflix immediately… I told him not until I’ve had a chance to watch the entire series. As I reached the end of season 2 on Netflix major Panic set in as I realized only 1 and 2 out of four where available on Netflix. Frantically I’m Googling Outlander and how I can finish watching the series.
Realizing that was going to require a new subscription to Starz there was no hesitation on my part to reach for the remote and Oplace the order. I must remember to cancel the Netflix subscription before I end up in flogged over the addition of another premium channel, LOL. With feet propped up on the ottoman downstairs or stressed out across the bed upstairs the binge continued!

I have now completed, in less than three days, seasons 3 & 4. Now owning a subscription to Starz I anxiously await season 5 to begin. I am officially intrigued & addicted to Jamie and Claire! Let the fest begin!

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