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Patio Table Cloth? Or Sam’s Plaid Shirt?

Sam showed up to work today wearing a shirt that resembles a…..patio table cloth.

Can you guess which of the pictures above is his shirt and which is the table cloth? (Scroll down to reveal which is which)

(Hear all about it at 16:45)

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We are ENJOYING Sam’s shirt that reminds us of a picnic tablecloth ♡♡ Right?!

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S’am’s shirt is the one on the left. The patio table cloth is the one on the right. Did you guess correctly?

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4 years ago

Good Morning,
How come you are not on the 98.7 the River morning show in Savannah, GA? I don’t do well with change.

Shannon webb
Shannon webb
4 years ago

I only listen to 98.7 to hear you guys in the morning. I am very disappointed with the changes the station made. Is there and email address that your listeners can send our complaints to?

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