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PODCAST: Jodi in L&D

Labor & Delivery stories?! Jodi’s got another one that Murphy doesn’t remember – and it’s something he did right before she got her epidural.

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At 5:55 in the show podcast below, Sam talks about the one place his kids don’t want to go for vacation.

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jan ward
jan ward
4 years ago

I was in premature labor and was being transferred 70 miles to the hospital that could help me and my unborn baby. The ambulance people kept saying have you ever delivered a baby. None of them ever did. It did not make me very comfortable.

If you never delivered a baby don’t talk about it infront of a mom to be that is in premature labor

Lori Tisdale
Lori Tisdale
4 years ago

Labor and delivery, what not to say.

With our first child, some 30 years ago, Lamaz was a big thing and we attended classes regularly. During my labor I did the breathing I was taught, but because I still in pain my husband said “you’re not doing it right, obviously you didn’t pay attention in class like I did.” Even worse, the was the nurse was on his side.

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