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PODCAST: Jodi’s Take On The Matt Lauer Scandal

Jodi is back and has A LOT to say about Matt Lauer getting fired…..and sexual harassment at work.

(We promise this is still a family, friendly podcast).

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4 years ago

I loved your presentation on this, “where there’s smoke there’s fire”…. “an under-toe” I do however, feel like there are a lot of women who seem to be jumping on what’s becoming a trendy bandwagon. Obviously, this issue needs to be addressed and smothered, but there’s a lot of here say going on and it’s a hard situation to prove. I don’t like the fact that peoples lives being ruined because anyone at anytime can point fingers and drop names….

Gaye Young
Gaye Young
4 years ago

I agree, Jodi. I am thrilled that these sexual abusers are getting busted! Life is hard; working 40 hours or more weekly is hard, but when you are being harassed (sexually or otherwise) at your job site, it makes life miserable. Like rape, as many of these cases that are being reported, we can be sure that there are thousands not reported. Hopefully, these current reported cases will send a message that sexual harassment (at work or elsewhere) will not be tolerated!

Melissa Scott
Melissa Scott
4 years ago

Love the show on Saturday December 2 heard Jodi mention the real feel doll baby I tried to find link I’m not the best could you please send me the link for the dolls I want a doll don’t know any body that s held one and I want a good doll

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