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PODCAST: The Anniversary Weekend

We take a stroll down memory lane as Murphy and Jodi’s wedding anniversary gets closer.

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Frank Wolfsheimer
Frank Wolfsheimer
3 years ago

I lived in Baton Rouge,LA for 28 years before moving to Gainesville, FL a few years ago. I still travel to Baton Rouge for business and listen to your morning show there whenever I get in town. While listening to a favorite radio station in Gainesville recently, I heard that you’ll be hosting a morning show there. Good news for me, but I wonder if you’ve moved to Gainesville or are syndicating your show? I still hope to listen to your morning banter no matter what. Good luck! 🙂

Jon Fauble
Jon Fauble
3 years ago

Who was the lady that paints pictures of dogs on Christmas ornaments? I would like to get one of ours. Thank you.

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