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Producer David WINS in the category of best friend! Find out what he does (often) for his bestie.

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John Pogachar
4 years ago

Hello Murphy Sam and Jodi,

I woke up this Saturday Morning to your radio show and thinking since its a Saturday was this show recorded, so if it was how old could it be or is it something recent. To get to the point Jodi was mentioning that she wanted to, Quit rushing around so much which included rushing her family, she wanted more unplanned family time, she wanted to go to bed earlier, and a bonus item which was to send flowers to someone different every month. Jodi how are these things working for you? If they are then awesome because habit change can be difficult. If you are having troubles then maybe I can serve you by inviting you to a conversation, my name is John and I’m a Life/ Health Coach. I’m studying at Health Coach Institute in both their BHC and HMBA programs. This conversation would just be about you and what you want in your life. It would be a time to play with ideas because that appears to be something that you love still to do, play. I want to be able to serve more people with my Life Coaching, its my belief we all want a better life for ourselves but sometimes we don’t know how to accomplish that. Life Coaching can get us through, around, and up and over obstacles that are in our way, with one of the biggest being ourselves.

Best Regards
John Pogachar

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