Producer Emilie: Why buying my dad’s house is so special to me

You may have heard that Mike and I are buying my Dad’s house soon.  I’ve typed and retyped this blog 3 times now.  I cannot seem to express why this house means so much to me except to say that it houses (haha) years and years of memories for me.  Dad was ready to get out of such a big house that has such a big yard since it’s just him now (mom passed away suddenly last April).  And Mike and I were moving Jake to a “big boy” school a mere half mile from dad’s house.  So dad talked to me about his plans to buy a new place and offered to sell us his.  I was floored.

My family and I moved into this house in the 070B46EA-AEFD-49B8-B03B-D68E9D913ED2summer of 1993.  I was about to turn 11 years old and I was in a new city with no friends.  My family became my friends.  My mom’s parents moved in with us and those were some of the best years of my life.  My grandmother was the sweetest person on this earth and spoiled me rotten. My grandfather’s work ethic was like none other.  Mom and I became close especially our first summer in the house because she didn’t really have any friends here either.

So many birthdays, Christmases, and Thanksgivings were celebrated in this house.  Mike proposed to me at this house.  My wedding rehearsal dinner was at this house.  My mom’s last moment alive was in this house (I find this comforting, not morbid in anyway).  How could I pass up the opportunity to make more memories in this house with my own little family?  After much discussion between Mike and me, we decided to go for it.

It is an exciting, scary, and nerve-wracking time for us.  Exciting for all the reasons I mentioned above.  Scary and nerve-wracking because we have TWO kids!  How does one pack up a house, put it for sale, move, and unpack into a new house all while working a full-time job???  I feel like I don’t have any extra time in my life as it is!  I just tell myself to take one day at a time.  Any suggestions?

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5 years ago

Emily one day at a time. Pack the stuff you use the least first, then out of season clothes last thing the boys toys. Let them pack a small bin for themselves and take it in your car when the day arrives. Go thru your current home if you don’t love it get rid of it you may find packing a lot easier. Good luck and God speed with your move.

Jan Francis
Jan Francis
5 years ago

I agree with Maryellen…make it a family affair. Let the boys do what they can and make it a great time that they will enjoy and remember. I’m so excited for you on your move. Having moved numerous times in the military, it was a new and different experience each time. With limits on weight amount when going overseas, time constraints, doing what Maryellen suggested – going through things and deciding what is needed and what his trash will help you on the “other side” (so to speak). Obtain boxes and find a hole – start packing seasonal things that you know you won’t need in a hurry and get those out of your way. Label, label, label. Worst thing for me was the movers not labeling the boxes and I had to just have them put it anywhere on the other end and it was chaos. Rubbermaid containers for those seasonal things and that way you don’t have to repack when you get settled – just find it’s spot. Again, I’m so excited for you and hope all goes well and it sounds as though you will LOVE your “new” yet “old” home. Make it “YOUR” family home.

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