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Real life ghost stories / Tanya does something Sam’s exes weren’t allowed to / Jodi’s new snack addiction

It is time!Real Life Ghost Stories.You tell us what happened to you.

Sam’s girlfriend is in town and he’s letting her do something that his exes weren’t allowed!

Jodi has a new snack addiction – and it’s a problem!

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kellen R sipes
kellen R sipes
8 months ago

Good Morning,

 I wanted to respond to the Halloween scary stories.

My sister and I decided a few years back that we wanted to do ghost hunting in Lexington.
So, we joined with ghost hunter Patty Starr and took a few of her classes and haunts.
She told us to bring a tape recorder and camera and to come to the Nicholasville Rd grave site that is right beside the Ethan Allen store. Which is a family plot area that is hidden by a circle of trees. Lots of folks have no idea that it is there.
So we arrive and everyone else joins us and Patty tells us all to turn on our recorders and she starts talking about the gravesites, well one of the classmates brings flowers and we all ask why and she says just out of respect for the deceased. But she didn’t realize there were more than one tombstone there and she said out loud to us well I don’t know who’s grave to put these on. She finally decided and place the flowers down. So, we continue our talk with Patty and then we left and nothing really happened.
My sister and her spouse worked for the radio station at the time, and he was the one that dealt with the sound booth audio dept.  he was not a believer in ghost until she asked him to play her recording and put on a disc for her. So, he calls her to the station booth room and said OMG you have to hear this, and what she had recorded was our classmate telling us I am not sure on which grave site to put the flowers on and you could hear another voice like a kids and it was saying put them on my headstone saying put them on my headstone over and over.
Just to hear this is so eary and we still play that tape recording to this day when we would do our own haunts at our Halloween parties.

Thanks for allowing me to share
Love the show

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