Sam: Football Party Prep

So you’re having a bunch of friends over for a football game and you want to make sure you’ve planned it all out perfectly.  Here are a few ideas to help you get there.

Most importantly have food and drink and enough places for your guests to sit.  Nothing can kill the mood faster than if you run out of food before half time.  Check out this calculator to give you a better idea of how much you need…best advice is to round up on the food and not down.

Party food calculator:

And make sure there are enough places to sit and relax comfortably during the game.  This site has some good ideas for the whole experience but it’s really smart about seating…and make sure you have some logo blankets for those who want to wrap up:

You’re bound to have kids at the party who don’t care to watch the game.  Make sure you have markers and crayons with paper, scissors, glue, glitter, stickers and anything else the give the little crafters something to do.  You may even ask the kids to create football decorations you can place around the party food area.  And for the kids who may be a bit too old for crafty stuff but still don’t want to watch the game you can set up the xBox/wii/PS4 on a tv in another room and let them have at it.

At some point a penalty or possible rule question is bound to come up.  Don’t let the “know it all” answer this one for the group and leave everyone scratching their heads.  Make sure you have a football rule guide bookmarked for quick reference and argument settlement.  Here are the NFL and NCAA ones to bookmark:



Last but not least make sure you have “to go” plates or containers for those that loved certain snacks and want to take them home.  That way the mess kind of cleans itself and you won’t have tons of food around to tempt you the rest of the weekend.

Table spread with appetizer trays for the footbal party. Horizontal view over white background.

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