Sam: “Hey Dad, what’s that thing on the wall?”

That’s the questions my 12-year-old, Jack, shot at me as he pointed at the phone jack on our kitchen wall.  Funny thing is the jack has been on the wall since the house was built 13 years ago…I guess he never really noticed it.  I explained to Jack that we used to plug “house phones” into those jacks, and the little metal studs let you hang the phone on the wall.  FullSizeRender

His questions brought me back to when his mom and I were building the house and we asked the builder to put phone jacks in every room possible so that everyone could have a phone in their rooms. HA! I also had to explain how having a phone plugged into the wall meant you had to stand by the phone when you were talking because the phone cords were only a few feet long (unless you had a cordless phone).  “Then how come we don’t have a phone plugged into it now” was the next question.  What followed was my attempt to explain the advent of smart phones and how, at least for me, there is no longer a need for a house phone.  For my next lesson I shall explain how TV’s used to be in boxes and not 42” flat screens.

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