Sam: The Funeral

As a group, MSJ and Emilie went to a funeral today for a longtime friend and colleague.  It was actually the most fun I’ve had at a funeral…honestly, the kind of funeral service I want to have.  Guests were told not to dress up, but to wear a Hawaiian shirt if you had one (of course I did).  There were a few friends who spoke and it was all fun stories and fond memories.  We all laughed throughout the service.  In the end, our departed colleague’s son got up to share his thoughts of his dad with the audience.  The things he said actually did make me tear up a bit (there I said it).  What struck me most was the wonderful things he said about his dad: the things they did together, how they were best friends, etc.  It was a “take stock of my life” kinda moment.  It truly made me wonder if any of my kids, because of the not so exemplary life I’ve led, could say the same about me when my time comes.  And sadly, at this point in my life I’m not so sure.  Make sure your children know how much you love them now, because one day…

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5 years ago

Sam, your blog touched my heart. I have 4 kids, and I have often wondered the same thing. Mistakes have been made, but give your kids the opportunity to forgive you by asking them. It will give them graces and lift up their hearts and yours, so that you can move on and forgive yourself as well.Best of luck to you. You and your family are in my prayers.

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