Jodi Bets Sam’s $20

Beginner’s Luck??14390954_10153875093815205_8715150121482318266_n

Before I left for Vegas, Sam whipped out a 20 and asked me to bet it on black. Roulette. And IF it hit, let it ride once more, but only once.

I’ve never played this game. Ever. So I was a mess, an embarrassment at the table! But it all happened VERY quickly. And I had such LUCK!!!! His $20 was quickly $40 – and an even quicker $80!!!!

The real story (to me) is that I was able to bring back 80 bucks for my friend – who normally sees things through an Eeyore/glass half empty filter. He seemed VERY delighted, and that made me so happy!!!

I loved making his day!!! I’d gamble for any of my friends – anytime! Me? Not so much. I’d rather buy a cute new pair of shoes. Which I did – in Vegas.

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