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Maroon 5
There’s new music from Maroon 5 coming out soon, but Sam’s got it for you now. Below you can listen to a fan’s recording of the first single off of their sixth studio album. The song is called “I Don’t Want To Know” and will hit radio stations October 18th. CLICK HERE for more.

Lady Gaga
As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Lady Gaga is going to be the performer for the Super Bowl halftime show. The pop star says she is going to push the envelope with guts, talent and creativity; but don’t expect anything too provocative.

“The best way to push the envelope is with your guts and your talent,” she said. “And then you also want to push the envelope in terms of your creativity and your music and taking the show to the next level, but I don’t know if it’s the place to push the envelope in other ways. In some ways, I want to lightly lick the envelope, hop inside, close it, write my name on it, and the thing is that I really just want to be there for football fans because that’s what I’m hired to do.” CLICK HERE for more.

Elle King
You may not know this but he “Exes and Ohs” singer is an ordained minister. The 27-year-old rocker, who is recently engaged herself, says she will be officiating weddings and vowel renewals while she is on tour. Her Ministry Tour begins on October 21st. CLICK HERE for more and to see if she will be performing any wedding ceremonies near you.

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