Sam’s Got Music News – Monday

A Beyonce and Tony Bennett Collaboration may Be in the Works

The legendary jazz singer said Beyonce approached him at a benefit and told him she had something in mind that they could potentially work on together.

“Beyoncé. She’s thinking of something to do with me,” Bennett told PEOPLE. “We met at a benefit, and she said, ‘I’ve got an idea that we should do something together.’ She didn’t tell me what it was yet, so we’ll see what happens!”

He continued on to say he’d still like to work on a follow-up to his 2014 jazz album with Lady Gaga.

“I’d love to do a second album with Lady Gaga,” he told PEOPLE. “She was performing at a benefit the first time I met her. I told her backstage, ‘You were terrific! I’d love to do an album with you someday.’ She said, ‘Let’s do it!’ Boom! We get along great. We’ve been close ever since.”

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