Sam’s Got Music News – Wednesday

Garth Brooks on ‘The Voice’

He just won Entertainer of the Year at the 2016 Country Music Awards last week; and now the country star will be mentoring the top 12 contestants for The Voice next week. It airs Monday s on NBC at 8PM ET.

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Justin Bieber Plays Impromptu Piano Session at Tornonto Pub

The 22-year-old pop star randomly walked into a pub last week and started playing the piano for anyone who cared to listen. He played a broad genre of songs. Everything from his own music, to Beethoven, and even The Beatles. Check it out below.

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Madonna Plans to Direct a Movie

Her Rebel Heart tour will air on Showtime next month, but she’s also just announced that she will be back in the directors chair. “I hope I’m gonna be directing a film,” she says, then quips: “so, how do you like those apples?”

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Listen to Murphy Sam and Jodi: One Demand

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