Sam’s homemade laundry detergent

1- 4lb 12oz box Borax found on detergent aisle
1 -4 lb box Arm and Hammer baking soda found in the cooking aisle
1 box Arm and Hammer super washing soda (3lb 7oz) found in detergent aisle
3 bars of Fels-naptha soap, found in detergent aisle (Zote is also recommended, but you’ll have to go to a home improvement store to find!)
2 small containters of Oxyclean or generic brand (try to get 3.5 lbs total) found in detergent aisle

Start by grating your Fels-naptha soap just like cheese.  you can use a food processor or just use your hand held grater.  Toss all ingredients in a 5 gallon bucket line with a garbage bag.  Once everything is mixed, store soap however you like.  It takes 1 or 2  tablespoons per large load!  Sam and Erin use the scoop that comes in the container of OxyClean and use one scoop per large load.

This is good for HE washers, too!

Click here to read more about the recipe from it’s creator!

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