Summer Road Trip Games

Road Trip Games:  Who Am I? (Disney Edition)

Murphy Sam and Jodi play one last road trip game in case anyone plans on squeezing in one last vacation before summer is over. Listen to the rules and play along.

CLICK HERE for the full list of games and how to play them. Or you can add your own below!


  • The Movie Game


  • Fortunately/Unfortunately

MSJ and Emilie


  • Battle of the Bands


  • The Name Game

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6 years ago

Heard on the radio today that you are look I looking for new games to play. Me and my husband have played punch bug for so long the kids love it! There is a new way to play it now. It’s called punch bike!! Every time you see a motorcycle or bike or moped you punch someone. It makes you more aware of the cyclist now. They are seen more in the warmer weather.

Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman
6 years ago

My brothers and I used to play an on the road version of Hide and Seek. Someone would think of a place anywhere real or fantasy. And the others would ask questions to get hints and guess it. The questionsecond would normally start with “real or fantasy?” Then “land sea or air” which help to narrow the selections. It’s a very fun game to play but could take a lot of time depending on the hiding spot. More recommended for long trips.

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