The 20 Unhappiest Jobs in America

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1. Analyst 
Bliss score: 2.914
Average salary: $55,000
After growth opportunities, analysts are most dissatisfied with company culture and job resources.
2. Dispatcher
Bliss score: 2.938
Average salary: $35,000
Dispatchers dislike their company culture and their overall compensation packages.
3. Program coordinator 
Bliss score: 2.950
Average salary: $40,000
Company culture is also a drag on program coordinators, and they also don’t feel too hot about their bosses.
4. Pharmacy technician 
Bliss score: 2.954
Average salary: $32,000
Every job on this list gets its lowest reviews in growth opportunities, but pharmacy technicians give worse ratings to that category than all the other 19 jobs.
5. Teacher 
Bliss score: 2.963
Average salary: $42,000
Teachers dislike their company culture, and also aren’t too please with their bosses and compensation.
6. Senior buyer 
Bliss score: 3.039
Average salary: $62,000
For senior buyers, bosses and compensation packages both get low marks.
7. Clerk 
Bliss score: 3.048
Average salary: $33,000
Clerks hate their company culture but like their colleagues more than people in the other unhappy jobs on this list.
8. Assistant professor 
Bliss score: 3.053
Average salary: $61,000
Assistant professors dislike their work setting and company culture.
9. Operator 
Bliss score: 3.074
Average salary: $44,000
Compensation is a big drag for operators, as is the culture of the company.
10. Engineer
Bliss score: 3.099
Average salary: $70,000
Engineers rate their company culture poorly and also are less than happy with the support and resources they get at work.
11. QA specialist 
Bliss score: 3.104
Average salary: $50,000
These workers aren’t thrilled with any part of their job, but are particularly displeased with their compensation packages.
12. Customer service associate 
Bliss score: 3.144
Average salary: $30,000
For customer service associates, company culture and compensation are two big negatives.
13. Legal assistant 
Bliss score: 3.146
Average salary: $35,000
Legal assistants, perhaps not surprisingly, are most put off by their compensation and other rewards.
14. Registered nurse 
Bliss score: 3.147
Average salary: $53,000
Company culture and job resources are rated poorly among registered nurses.
15. Security officer 
Bliss score: 3.180
Average salary: $31,000
Security officers dislike their compensation and rewards, and their job resources.
16. Driver 
Bliss score: 3.206
Average salary: $43,000
Compensation is also a major negative for drivers, followed by company culture and bosses.
17. Cashier 
Bliss score: 3.226
Average salary: $30,000
Cashiers don’t seem too unhappy with their jobs, aside from their compensation packages (and growth opportunities, like every other workers in every other job on this list).
18. Operations supervisor 
Bliss score: 3.230
Average salary: $49,000
Operations supervisor give low marks to company culture and work setting, as well as compensation and rewards.
19. Associate 
Bliss score: 3.248
Average salary: $65,000
For associates, company culture and rewards and compensation are two of the least satisfying job attributes.
20. Sales associate 
Bliss score: 3.253
Average salary: $34,000
Sales associates are unhappy with their job resources, company culture, and compensation packages.

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