LISTEN: The Ball Pit Problem

Producer David LOVES his (soon to be 1-year-old) niece more than anything and prides himself as being “Fun Uncle David”. So for her upcoming Birthday, he bought (Olivia) a fold out ball pit for her to play in.

It’s seems like an awesome, fun gift for babies/toddlers but ‘After the Show’ Jodi pointed out a potential PROBLEM with it.

……a potential problem for the parents. ⤵

The pit itself is easy to set up and take down. The balls on the other hand may be an issue. (CLICK HERE for more info on the ball pit).


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Becky Oglesby
Becky Oglesby
4 years ago

I think the gift will be fine.. it’s just for she won’t have to worry so much about germs.. (Hey sand pit is worse,most kids eat the dirt) Now if she has playmates…just close the ball

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