Producer David: The (not-so-easy) ‘FRIENDS’ Trivia Quiz

(Producer David) I am a HUGE ‘Friends’ fanatic, but even I got stumped on a few of these questions.

Give it a shot and let us know how many you get right!

1. What is the name of the coffee shop they hung out in?

2. Who did Ross date on-and-off again out of the group of six?

3. Who yells “PIVOT” when trying to move a couch?

4. What is Joey’s favorite food?

5. Where was Ross and Rachel’s first date?

6. Which ‘Friends’ star kissed all cast members throughout all 10 seasons?

7. What is Joey’s fake name?

8. Where did Phoebe and Mike get married?

9. What was the name of the comic book Phoebe stole from Ross as a kid?

10. Why did Joey carry a “murse”?

11. What part of New York is Rachel from?

12. What did Joey wear to Monica’s wedding?

13. What caused Phoebe’s apartment to burn down?

14. What famous actor did Joey act as a butt double for?

15. What was Chandlers mom’s job?

16. What’s the name of Rachel’s hairless cat?

17. Where did Chandler hide when he got could feet before marrying Monica?

18. What is Ross’s middle name?

19. What is Monica’s apartment number?

20. When was the last season of ‘Friends’?

CLICK HERE to view the answers

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Kendra Kubin
Kendra Kubin
4 years ago

I got about 15 of these. 😉 Not too bad.

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