The ‘FRIENDS’ Trivial Quiz: Answers

1. What is the name of the coffee shop they hung out in? Central Perk

2. Who did Ross date on-and-off again out of the group of six? Rachel

3. Who yells “PIVOT” when trying to move a couch? Ross

4. What is Joey’s favorite food? Sandwich

5. Where was Ross and Rachel’s first date? The planetarium 

6. Which ‘Friends’ star kissed all cast members throughout all 10 seasons? Rachel

7. What is Joey’s fake name? Ken Adams

8. Where did Phoebe and Mike get married? The street outside of Central Perk

9. What was the name of the comic book Phoebe stole from Ross as a kid? ‘Science Boy’

10. Why did Joey carry a “murse”? To get an acting role 

11. What part of New York is Rachel from? Long Island

12. What did Joey wear to Monica’s wedding? A WWII uniform from set

13. What caused Phoebe’s apartment to burn down? Rachel’s hair iron

14. What famous actor did Joey act as a butt double for? Al Pacino

15. What was Chandlers mom’s job? Erotic novelist 

16. What’s the name of Rachel’s hairless cat? Mrs. Whiskerson

17. Where did Chandler hide when he got could feet before marrying Monica? His office

18. What is Ross’s middle name? Eustace

19. What is Monica’s apartment number? 5 or 20 (it was 5 in the first season, but was later changed to 20 to make it seem as if Monica lived on a higher floor)

20. When was the last season of ‘Friends’? 2004


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