The Good Girl – a new mystery keeping Jodi hooked!


Click here to get your hands on this awesome book that’s keeping Jodi up at night because she can’t put it down!

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Deb Richardson-Moore
5 years ago


Hi! I am an author in Greenville, SC, one of your radio sites. I pastor a church to the homeless, and my first book, “The Weight of Mercy,” told that story. My first novel, a murder mystery entitled “The Cantaloupe Thief,” is being released by Lion Hudson of Oxford, England, in June. I’d be glad to have the publisher send you a copy if you can give me a mailing address. Thanks! From your reading tastes, I think you’ll like it.

5 years ago

I just finished the book “The Good Girl” . I usually don’t read mystery books but figured if Jodi says its good I will try it.. She was correct I couldn’t put it down and didn’t end like I thought it was. A good read for sure ! thanks for the info on books…

Nancy Talbert
Nancy Talbert
5 years ago

This book was so good, lent it to my sister to read. It was a really interesting format also. Since I loved this one so much I bought the next one – Pretty Baby.

Denise Daly
Denise Daly
4 years ago

Some authors to add to the Book Club:
Tana French – I especially liked her book “The Likeness”. Her topics are mystery related but different than the same old, same old.
Greg Iles – He has several series of books, “Penn Cage”, “Mississippi”, etc and they are all riveting reads. I especially liked Spandau Prison, a WWII story, and Natchez Burning (which is the first book of his I read). Sam and Murphy would enjoy his books as well as Jodi.

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