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The Inauguration Day Letter Obama Left for President Trump

“This was the letter given to me by President Obama. I won’t show to you or read it to you, but a – just a, a beautiful letter,” the president said.

“It was long, it was complex, it was thoughtful, and it took time to do it,” Trump said, noting that it was “well-written” as well.

I doubt too many of them were written in this manner. He really – in fact, I called him and thanked him for the thought that was put into that letter,” Trump continued.

“[Obama] said something that was very interesting to me he said, ‘You know if I thought your healthcare plan was going to be better than his plan, Obamacare, then I would support it,’ and I believe he would,” he shared.

Trump concluded: “Nothing that surprised me, but it was stated beautifully but that I’m representing a lot of people and I’m carrying on a very important tradition, and just do a great job. He wants me to do a great job.”

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