The latest baby news from Producer Emilie is BIG! 10/05

Producer Emilie has some BIG baby news!

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Deborah Rupert
Deborah Rupert
6 years ago

I had both of my girls c-sect. My first daughter was breech and the doctor said it would be better for her I trusted him. This was in the 70’s and things have come a long way since then. The recovery is a little longer then usual but it was worth it. and Daddy’s can be in the room now. When I had my kids he wasn’t allowed in for the c-sect. He had to wait in the family room to find out even what we had. No ultrasound then. You will be fine. I even had to have mine in the surgery wing of the hospital. To top it all off that daughter had her twins by c-sect also. When the doctor told her she might have to go that way she told her that it was ok because she was born that way and she turned out ok.

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