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The Mystery Noise / An Honest Mistake / What the Ex Said

Murphy tried to find the source of a mystery noise somewhere in the house.

Someone can’t go back to a salon because of an honest mistake.

Find out what Sam’s Ex had to say about him.

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Deanna Vinson
Deanna Vinson
2 years ago

I think I missed something over the holidays. The station is no longer Sunny? And when are Murphy Sam and Jodi on? I used to listen to you on my drive to work each morning.

2 years ago
Reply to  Deanna Vinson

The station you were listening on changed formats and with that, MSJ had to be replaced. No worries though! You can find all the MSJ you need right here: Podcasts

We upload the whole show commercial-free every day so you don’t miss anything. You can also access them on your phone wherever you get podcasts. Hope this helps!

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