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Hear why someone is cursing Murphy Sam and Jodi after midnight!

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Dorothy Kidd
Dorothy Kidd
5 years ago

I am an experienced teacher in a public school system as well as an adjunct professor at a local college, and I have a tip for helping students memorize information. For all subjects, you need to use as many modalities as possible to be able to retain the information. For example, the student takes notes from listening to the teacher. The student reads the notes into a recording device and then listens to himself-the first time following along with the written notes and then several times without the notes. This allows the student to hear it(from the teacher), write it, say it, and hear it (from their own voice). This proven method helped me get through college and graduate classes with ease. With Math, mnemonic devices help students remember formulas, facts, and operations. You can use a recording device for these as well, but unless you understand the basic number facts and concepts it will be a struggle. A good rule of thumb for math is practice and repetition.

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