Thursday’s Podcast Show – 12/03

Tuesday’s Podcast Show – 12.03

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Darryll Sherman
6 years ago

My favorite tree ornament is still on my parents tree.

When I was in kindergarten (a few *cough* years ago) our teacher took pictures of each student singing “ooooh” like an angel would. Of course these were black and white photos – and she cut just our heads out and glued them to the wider side of an old wooden sherbet spoon.

Shen then added a dark blue inverted cone for a robe, two little strips of red paper at our neck area for a collar, and some white pipe cleaner arms holding a little hymnal.

My folks still put this one out every year and it’s always special to go see it at their house at Christmas.

BONUS! I had fallen down and landed on my head on a sidewalk just days before the picture was taken so I have a huge raspberry on my forehead. I didn’t know angels could get bumps and bruises… 🙂

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