Thursday’s Show Links – 02/25

A Group of Some Elegant Golden Prizes

Click here for all of our Oscar Night Bites like: “The Big Short” bread cookies, “Bridge of Spies” Pie, and “Mad Max” Mac and Cheese bites!


Winner Winner! Murphy decided to do a little gambling while he was in Vegas this past week.

Listen and find out about his “big” winnings.


66 things

Thursday’s MSJ Podcast Show – 02.25

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Savannah Mueller
Savannah Mueller
6 years ago

I do not have children of my own but I have been a nanny for a very long time and I am so glad that you posted the 66 things you should say to your kids. I think that we as adults sometimes forget what it is to be a kid and how sensitive kids really are. I try to encourage the kids I keep as much as i can. I have learned that kids are more confident if you encourage them while they are doing something. We forget how important little things are to kids. Just like Sam and his daughter, her issues my be trivial to us as adults but are very important to them.
Thank you for having such an amazing show! Love yall!

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