Thursday’s Show Links – 04/13

Here’s the trailer for Kevin Costner’s new movie “Criminal” that Jodi mentioned in her Hollywood Outsider.  Ryan Reynolds is also in this movie!  “Criminal” comes out tomorrow.

Mistakes most of us make when taking pics with our phone:
Don’t just take ONE photo!  Take quite a few pics of the people or scenery you’re trying to take a shot of so you can pick the best one later.
Never take a picture of anyone from below!  Always hold the phone up and angle down onto the people you’re taking a pic of.  It makes ANYONE look better.
Wait for everyone to be ready before you take the pic (this one is kind of “no duh”!)
Don’t take the picture from far away!  Make sure you just have the people and scenery in the shot that you want, not that random person sitting a table away!
Only use flash when necessary!  Natural light is so much better and won’t wash people out.
Look at the people you’re taking a pic of before you take the pic.  Is their hair messed up?  Something in their teeth?  Tell them!

Check out what Baskin Robbins’ Polar Pizza is going to look like!  It’s their take on a cookie cake.

New Polar Pizza from @baskinrobbins #behindthebrscoop #pizza #icecream

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Thursday’s Podcast Show – 4.14

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