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Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders

Taylor Swift Donating $1 Million to Louisiana Flood Relief
Taylor Swift has pledged a $1 million relief donation to Louisiana after the state was struck with devastating torrential rains, causing massive flooding that killed at least 11 people. Hear what Taylor had to say about it, HERE!


Playboy Mansion Sold; Hugh Hefner To Pay Rent To Live There
Hefner’s home went for $100 million — that’s a hundred times the amount paid for the digs in 1971. The 90-year-old playboy can live there as long as he wants — as long as he pays $1 million a year. Discover more, HERE!

While J.K. Rowling may be done with Harry Potter’s story, her Wizarding World will continue to expand, specifically with a series of eBooks called Pottermore Presents starting this fall. This collection of “bite-sized” works will include previously-published Pottermore content, as well as new writing from Rowling. Get more, HERE!


Is Orlando Bloom Ready to Marry Katy Perry?
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry could be one step closer to marriage by the end of the year! The couple, who was first spotted together back in January, are getting so serious that they’re talking about marriage and kids. Hear more about it, HERE!


It happened: Simone Biles met her crush, Zac Efron
The gymnast, who’s admitted to having a cardboard cutout of Zac Efron in her room, had a surprise meeting with the actor. So the most decorated American gymnast of all time is having a pretty decent day. The duo snapped a bunch of photos, plus one video where Efron smooched Biles on the cheek. Biles couldn’t contain her excitement. See more photos and videos, HERE!

Biles has room for more than one man in her life, however. This week she was also celebrating with her so-called Brazilian boyfriend, Arthur Nory. And Nory had something to say about Efron’s presence.

Music News

Barbra Streisand Announces Movie Star Duets Album & 2016 Tour Dates
The new album tips to her inestimable contributions to Broadway and Hollywood by pairing Streisand “with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars to sing Broadway classics.” Learn more about the album and tour dates, HERE!


Bruce Springsteen to release companion album to his memoir Born to Run
Earlier this year, Bruce Springsteen announced the release of his aptly titled autobiography, Born to Run. The book, which The Boss has been hard at work on since 2009, documents his years growing up in New Jersey and recounts his relentless drive to make music that people feel passionately about. Get more, HERE!


Oops, she’s doing it again: Britney Spears to perform at MTV VMAs
The pop star will perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards for the first time in roughly a decade, the network announced on Tuesday. Spears is set to sing her new single “Make Me…,” from her her album “Glory,” alongside rapper G-Eazy. This will be the first live performance from Spears’ new album, which releases on August 26. CLICK HERE for more!

We know that Britney Spears is performing at the 2016 VMAs on August 28th. But what we didn’t know is that Murphy and Jodi apparently have an old picture of Sam dressed as Britney in their bathroom. HAHAHA


Lady Gaga Announces New Single, ‘Perfect Illusion’
Lady Gaga is ramping up the art pop machine again. The singer surprised her Little Monsters by posting a series of Instagram teases that created a mosaic spelling out the name of her upcoming single, “Perfect Illusion.” Discover when the single will be released, HERE!


5 reasons every family should have a dog

yellow dog paw and human hand shaking friendship

  1.  They Decrease Stress Levels
  2.  They Decrease Depression
  3.  They Lower The Risk Of Allergies
  4.  They Can Detect Cancer & Other Illnesses
  5.  They Help Us Be More Social

To see the full detailed list, CLICK HERE!


Chevy’s Last Leg

Sam went over to Murphy and Jodi’s house and paid one last visit to their dog, Chevy, to get his final pets in.

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