Top over the counter sunscreens

These sunscreens below are cost effective and actually live up to it’s SPF claim (according to Consumer Reports)!

Side note: Producer Emilie talked to a dermatologist who suggested you use a sunscreen that has at least 7% zinc oxide.  She’s found a Coppertone Water Babies that has 14% zinc oxide!

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7 years ago

My sunscreen oops story: I was wearing a tankini at the beach and put sunscreen everywhere – except where the place around my waist where the top and bottom of my tankini met. What I never noticed until later was every time I leaned over or lay on my stomach, the sun was hitting me on that small area of exposed skin on my lower back. So I ended up with this badly sunburned strip of skin around my lower back, which got tortured by the waistbands of my pants for weeks afterward.

An honest mistake, but the sun is very unforgiving! 🙂

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