Tuesday’s Show Links – 02/09

Click here for the NINE apps every parent needs to know about before their kids start using them (or in case you’ve seen them on your child’s device!).  Have you ever heard of Kik?  YikYak? Omegle?

Jodi makes some fun and easy Valentine’s Day treats!  Fun for the whole family :o) Click here for some treat ideas!

Watch as this eagle takes down a drone!  Is this safe?!

MSJ’s Tuesday Podcast Show – 02.09

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Amanda Logue
Amanda Logue
6 years ago

Since you guys were talking about Valentine’s gift ideas for men this morning, I thought I’d share…My husband and I have been married for 25 years (that’s a lot of birthdays, anniversaries and valentine’s day to come up with gift ideas for) So this year I decided to take him somewhere. I found a nice but inexpensive hotel and we are going to take a weekend getaway to North Georgia and spend time together and visit some state parks and just “get away from the stress of daily life” I realize this may not work for people with children, but ours are grown.

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