Tuesday’s Show Links – 05/17

MSJ play Road Trip Games!


The FDA is warning dog owners about this ingredient commonly found in households that can be harmful to your pets. CLICK HERE to learn what it is and prevent harming your pets.

Group of dogs and cats


With summer vacations approaching, make your family road trips more fun with great games to play in the car. CLICK HERE to learn some cool new car games and how to play them

family, transport, safety, road trip and people concept - happy man and woman with little child driving in car


You can own one of the late Prince’s guitars. CLICK HERE to learn which of his instruments is up for sale.


How awesome would it be to only have a 6 hour work day. Well they’ve been testing this idea out in Sweden. CLICK HERE to see the results of this study.


There are more artists being added to perform at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. CLICK HERE to see who it is. (here’s a hint)

MSJ and Emilie

Listen to today’s show here

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