Tuesday’s Show Links – 08/25

Producer Emilie and her husband picked out a name for their second baby they’re expecting in October!  Click the “play” button below to find out what name they picked and why…

Producer Emilie and her husband, Mike, choose a baby name!

Here’s a couple profile pics of the recently named baby boy :o)


And here’s a pic of his arm and hand and then his foot and toes!


Jodi’s loving reading her new Stephen King book “Revival”!  It’s in our Fall 2015 Not So Serious Book Club recommendations.

Tuesday’s Podcast Show – 08.25

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Laura Meyerski
Laura Meyerski
6 years ago

When my sister in law was pregnant (and didn’t know) my nephew who was adopted as an infant pointed to her belly and said, “Mommy your gonna have a baby and we’re gonna name him Jason.”TJ was 4 and my brother explained mommy can’t have a baby and that’s why they picked him. A week later my sister in law went to the doctor, she was pregnant!! I have not seen my nephew’s in YEARS because they live in NY but they will be here this weekend (I am so excited). TJ is 21 and Jason is 17. I think this is definitely a feel good story!!
Love you guys,

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