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New 20x16 In your Face (with david and emilie)

30 Commonly Mispronounced Words (and How to Say Them)

We’ll admit, we are guilty of mispronouncing a few of these. Take a look at the list below to test your own pronunciation smarts:

  1. affidavit [af-i-dey-vit]
  2. almond [ah-muh nd, amuh nd]
  3. beget [bih-get]
  4. cache [kash]
  5. caramel [karuh-muh l, -mel, kahr-muh l]
  6. coupon [koo-pon, kyoo-]
  7. croissant [French krwah-sahnEnglish kruhsahnt]
  8. epitome [ih-pituh-mee]
  9. espresso [e-spres-oh]
  10. et cetera [et set-er-uhse-truh]
  11. façade [fuhsahd, fa-]
  12. fiery [fahyuh r-ee, fahyuh-ree]
  13. genre [zhahn-ruhFrench zhahnruh]
  14. haute [oht]
  15. hyperbole [hahy-pur-buh-lee]
  16. lambaste [lam-beyst, –bast]
  17. mauve [mohv]
  18. mischievous [mis-chuh-vuh s]
  19. niche [nich]
  20. peony [peeuh-nee]
  21. prerogative [pri-roguh-tiv, puhrog-]
  22. quinoa [keen-wah, kee-nohuh]
  23. reservoir [rez-er-vwahr, -vwawr, -vawr, rezuh-]
  24. salmon [samuh n]
  25. sherbet [shur-bit]
  26. turmeric [tur-mer-ik]
  27. verbiage [vur-bee-ij]
  28. Weimaraner [vahy-muh-rah-ner, wahy-, wahy-muh-rey-]
  29. whet [hwet, wet]
  30. Worcestershire [woo s-ter-sheer, -sher]

Get more, HERE!

Producer Emilie’s Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers

Murphy and Sam always pick on Producer Emilie for her ‘Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers’ she makes for her kids. So she brought some to the studio for us to try. See everyone’s reactions as they put their taste buds to the test.

You can get the recipe, HERE!

Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders

Gene Wilder, star of ‘Willy Wonka,’ dead at 83
Wilder died due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease, which he struggled with for three years, his nephew Jordan Walker-Pearlman said in a statement to CNN. Wilder chose not to disclose his illness, the statement added. “He simply couldn’t bear the idea of one less smile in the world,” Walker-Pearlman said. Discover more, HERE!


Taylor Swift excused from jury duty in Nashville
The question of Taylor Swift’s absence from the MTV Video Music Awards has been put to bed: she was being considered for jury duty. Learn why she was let off, HERE!


Drake professes love for Rihanna at VMAs, everyone loses collective minds
“She’s someone I’ve been in love with since I was 22 years old,” he said. Drake went to hand Rih Rih the award, and well, the jury’s out on whether he went in for a kiss that was deflected, but there were some awkward head movements. See more of the entire awkwardly heartfelt moment, HERE!


Michael Phelps Breaks Silence on Ryan Lochte’s Involvement in the Rio Robbery Controversy
Michael Phelps is speaking out for the first time about his teammate Ryan Lochte‘s involvement in the Rio Olympics robbery scandal. See what he had to say, HERE!

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘New Celebrity Apprentice,’ ‘Emerald City’
“The New Celebrity Apprentice” will debut with its new host on Monday, Jan. 2 at 8 p.m. as a two-hour episode. The 16 celebrity contestants for Season 8 of “Celeb Apprentice” are Laila Ali, Brooke Burke-Charvet, Eric Dickerson, Boy George, Matt Iseman, Carrie Keagan, Carson Kressley, Lisa Leslie, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Kyle Richards, Chael Sonnen, Porsha Williams, Ricky Williams, and Carnie Wilson, who were all previously announced. Get more, HERE!

Amazon Tests 30-Hour Work Week

Amazon is launching technical teams whose workers will only clock in for 30 hours a week. The stated goal of the program is “to create a work environment that is tailored to a reduced schedule and still fosters success and career growth.” Find out more about it, HERE!

Music News

Why Carpool Karaoke with Britney Spears was awkward for everyone involved
Britney Spears felt awkward singing her famous hits with US talk show presenter James Corden on his hit TV segment Carpool Karaoke. “It was a little awkward, like, driving by grocery stores,” she said. “People walk by and there are like 18 cameras around us. This is just so awkward.” Click HERE to learn what else made things even more awkward.

Brett Eldredge Releasing Sinatra-Inspired Christmas Album
Brett Eldredge has been waiting his entire life to release a Christmas album, and that wish is very close to coming true. The “Wanna Be That Song” singer announced some big news this week on social media with the help of his puppy, Edgar. Check out more, HERE!

GET READY 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

A video posted by Brett Eldredge (@bretteldredge) on

More Patti LaBelle desserts coming to Walmart

Her sweet potato pie was a smash-hit last year for Walmart. Now she’s expanding her line to include five new desserts: berry cobbler, apple cobbler, peach cobbler, apple pecan cake and sweet potato loaf. LaBelle’s sweet potato pie hit stores last August, but it wasn’t a huge success until Youtube star James Wright Chanel sang its praises in a expletive-laced video that went viral. Get more, HERE!

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