Tuesday’s Show Links – 09/27

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Jodi Bets Sam’s $20

Sam gave Jodi $20 to bet for him while she was in Vegas over the weekend. She’s not much of a gambler, so she was very nervous. His instructions were only that if she hits, then to bet again.
So how did Jodi do? Watch and see 😉

Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders

James Corden to Play ‘Peter Rabbit’
Beatrix Potter’s 150-year old classic book, ‘Peter Rabbit’, is being made into a live action/animated movie. And guess who will be starring in the film. No other than funny man, James Corden. He will be voicing the role of Peter, while Rose Bryne will be providing the voice of Bea. CLICK HERE for more.


Last Night’s Debate
In cast you missed it, HERE’s everything that went down during last night’s Presidential debate.


The Broadway Hit, ‘Hamilton’, Hits the Road
Get you tickets while you can. Hamilton will be going on tour next year and tickets will be selling like hot cakes. CLICK HERE for everything Hamilton.

Music News

Why Adele Says She Wishes She Never Would Have Quit Smoking
Adele quit smoking cigarettes about 5 years ago and says she can feel a difference in her voice, but it’s probably not the outcome you’d think. She claims that her voice actually feels weaker now. She doesn’t have that raspy aspect to her voice anymore. “The people with the best voices, they always smoke,” the English musician recently told Canada’s etalk (via the Hamilton Spectator). “I’ve given up smoking and I’m convinced that’s made my voice weaker.” CLICK HERE for more.


Justin Bieber Almost Attacked in Germany
While in Germany for his Purpose World Tour, Justin Bieber was attacked at a nightclub. According to sources, Bieber was making his way through the crowd when he accidentally bumped into a man. The man retaliated by lunging at the pop star. Justin’s friend then intervened, allowing him to get away safely. CLICK HERE for more.


Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour coming to Showtime later this year.
The Queen of Pop tweeted/instagramed that a snippet of her show, announcing that her tour will be coming to Showtime. No date yet as to when it will be released. CLICK HERE for more. #rebelheart

The Benefits of Being Nice.

Being nice is something we really like to push for, along with our “Just Say It” mantra. We believe that a little bit of kindness can go a long way. According to science, being nice can also lead to health benefits such as the following:

  • You’ll be less stressed
  • You’ll have an overall feeling of a better well-being
  • It’s good for your heart (literally)

CLICK HERE for the full detailed explanation.

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