Wednesday’s Show Links – 03/09

Click here for the jobs that get the most right swipes on Tinder (this is good news for Sam!).

The Dancing with the Stars season 22 cast has been announced!  Click here to see all the celebs that have been named – including one we knew last week, Jodie Sweeten.

Wednesday’s MSJ Show – 03/09


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Connie Price
Connie Price
6 years ago

With the dating sites, and the lady that called in saying she met her now husband after talking online for a month, curious to know how long most people wait to meet. I don’t know if its my age or what but if I am talking to a guy for more than two weeks, I want to ask are we doing this or what? lol. I don’t want to a person I have never actually met all about me over text or phone. I have two main questions I like to ask first: 1. what is your intentions (date, relationship,etc) and 2. do you have a arrest record? (I have to protect my child and my job..) A record is a deal breaker for sure!

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