Wednesday’s Show Links – 05/11

There’s talks of a Jumanji remake. CLICK HERE to see who may be staring in the film and says it will respect and honor Robin Williams.


Bath & Body Works is bringing back 8 of their favorite old scents. CLICK HERE to find out what they are.



Meghan Trainor pulled her new music video for “Me Too” from YouTube after it was released. CLICK HERE to learn why.


Don’t be a bad wedding guest. CLICK HERE to view and avoid these situations the next time you attend a wedding.

Full length portrait of newlywed couple and their friends at the wedding party showered with confetti in green sunny park

  1. The Drunk Wedding Guest
  2. RSVP Yes, No Show Wedding Guest
  3. The Wedding Guest Who Comes Empty Handed
  4. The Wedding Guest Wearing the White Dress
  5. When the Wedding Guest Shows Up with an Uninvited Guest
  6. The Wedding Guest That Uses the Wedding as a Singles Event
  7. The Wedding Guest That Posts Photos on Social Media
  8. The Wedding Guest That Brings Their Uninvited Children
  9. The Wedding Guest That Skips the Wedding Ceremony
  10. The Wedding Guest That Complains


Best binge worthy shows to watch this summer!!! CLICK HERE to view the full list of shows or share yours below!


Wednesday’s Podcast Show – 5.11


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Ethan C
Ethan C
6 years ago

If it hasn’t been mention yet the killing is a great binge worthy show. It is a netflix original based off a murder of a guys daughter. Very good! 4 seasons

6 years ago

What about Blue Bloods and Grey’s Anatomy to binge watch?

6 years ago

I’m shocked that ‘Prison Break’ did not make the list. Time to catch up before the NEW season comes out this Fall!

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