Wednesday’s “Best Of” Show Links – 08/17

Listen to today’s show here! – 8.17


Evil Laugh Contest

Jodi’s Good Thing:  Pools for Kids!

“Ok so we blessed this wonderful family with apools for kidspool who were being made fun of the way they were using a truck and tarp . So I now want to bless 10 more family’s with kids in the same way . Too much evil and tragedy going on in today’s world let’s keep those kids mind clear of any evil and keep them cool in this scolding HEAT . I can fully fund this in a snap but I want my friends and family to unite and be apart of something bigger than  what it is . The simplest acts of kindness can have the biggest impact on these young kids . You can sit and read this and do nothing or you can be that person who chooses to do SOMETHING .”


Click here to give to Todd’s Go Fund Me to help him buy pools for low-income kids – with Pools for Kids!

Chevy’s Sore

Too Much Sitting

Image of woman using laptop while sitting at her desk. Young african american businesswoman sitting in the office and working on laptop.

Sitting too much can take a serious toll on your health, even raise your risk of early death. But if you’re stuck in your chair at a desk job all day, don’t despair — a new study suggests there is something you can do to reverse the damage. CLICK HERE to find out more!

The Roach!

Hey Cat!

Need a laugh? Check out one our favorite cat videos. It never gets old to us LOL

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