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The Woman That Intimidates Men Most

Are you the kind of woman who intimidates men?
There’s been a recent study which suggests smart women are intimidating to men. Now this does not apply to all men (Murphy finds intelligent women attractive) but it does apply to most (like Sam). Why is that? What goes on in a mans head when he realizes a woman’s intelligence level? And at what point is it exactly where a woman becomes “too clever”? CLICK HERE to read up on the study.

One of Jodi’s good friends is very aware by this sad truth about men. During their recent girls’ trip to Vegas, she gave Jodi a stern look after Jodi mentioned her friend having a PhD in front of a man she seemed to like. Jodi didn’t mean any harm, but after speaking to her friend privately she understands why she should not have mentioned the PhD so soon. Check it out in the video below.

Jodi’s Hollywood Outsiders

Selena Gomez Reportedly in Rehab
Last month, Gomez canceled the rest of her Revival Tour in order to overcome some personal battles. Gomez has been struggling with anxiety and depression as part of a side effect of her lupus diagnosis. Now, we are being told that she has gone one step further and checked herself into rehab to get the help she needs. As difficult as this time must be for the pop star, she isn’t letting her diagnosis get the best of her. CLICK HERE for more.


The Presidential Debate
The numbers are in. More than 80 million people tuned into the Presidential debate this week, making it the most-watched ever. CLICK HERE fore more.


Harry Styles Gets a Mick Jagger Makeover
The One Directioner has is first solo cover of a magazine. He is seen rocking a wig and clothing to make him resemble Mick Jagger. If this isn’t proof that he will be playing The Rolling Stone frontman in an upcoming film, we don’t know what is. CLICK HERE to see the other two magazine covers taken of Harry.

||| 29.9.16 |||

A photo posted by @harrystyles on


WATCH: Backstreet Boys perform with James Corden
James Corden recently said on “The Late Late Show” that it’s his dream to bring back boy bands. To further his point, the late night host then brought out the Backstreet Boys to not only perform, but to perform WITH him on the show. Check it out.

Food Dude

Canned pumpkin probably contains no pumpkin
Pumpkin lovers beware. Although it may say “pumpkin” on the can, it may not actually be real pumpkin. CLICK HERE to see what the pumpkin impostor really is.

Restaurant knows just how to advertise to children
Have you ever taken a child out to eat and when asking what they want they respond with answers like “I don’t know” or “I don’t care”? Well there’s a local deli that has created a menu to help out with this issue. CLICK HERE for more or check it out below.

Music News

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake is giving his live show the cinematic treatment with Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids. Netflix just released the trailer of the concert film which follows the final show of his 20/20 Experience World Tour. Check it out!


Blake Shelton
Blake made a 94-year-old woman’s dreams come true the other night when he pulled her up on stage and at his show. The woman was standing in the front holding a sign that read “All I want 4 my 9th Bday is to rock with Blake!” Check it out.


Ed Sheeran
Sheeran has donated a bunch of his clothes to a local charity near where he lives. They are not only taking his normal clothes (tshirt/hoodie) but his suits which to wore to award shows such as the Grammys. See more, HERE!


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