Why this story about Mr. Dan and 4 year old Norah is so touching

Producer Emilie:

This story has been going around on Facebook, but I hadn’t taken the time to stop and read it.  Well today, amid all the election gibberish, I took the time and man am I glad I did!

This happens to me when I take almost 4 year old Jake to the grocery store with me.  He asks questions about the people we see in the store.

The story about Mr. Dan and Norah really touched me because our elderly neighbor, Mr. Jim, passed away recently and he was Jake’s friend.  Jake still cries to me about missing Mr. Jim.  I try to explain that Mr. Jim is now with his Maw Maw Carol (my mom) in heaven and they both watch him from the clouds and come lay with him at night while he sleeps.  That seems to comfort him.

My grandparents lived with my family for quite a few years before they both passed away, so I think I have a soft spot for the “elderly” (I don’t really like that word, but am at a loss for another one!).  So these kind of stories where the young and old become friends really touches me!


Here’s is Norah’s mom’s original post.  THIS story has an update on the new BFFs <3

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