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After the Show: A Basket of Lemons

Sam said something on the show today that hurt Jodi’s feelings, so we’ve got to talk it out after the show.


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Sharon Taylor
Sharon Taylor
4 years ago

I’d like to send a message to Santa this morning, I heard he’s going to be on the show. My Family And I Need Help For Christmas, we have a 17 year old Son at Home and we are having a very hard time with money for Christmas Gifts this year!!! We also have a 24 year old Daughter and she has 3 Son’s, the 4 of them live in Georgia, and we also have a 27 year old Son.

bobbi Harbrecht
bobbi Harbrecht
4 years ago

I have been listening to your show for quite a while (and I was a die hard BobbyBones addict!) and listening to Jodi talk about the lemons as a gift. I don’t even understand when you ask “Is this a good gift or not?” I would honestly be thrilled if someone went to the trouble of picking this fruit and making a basket for me.I would think about that person every time I used that fruit, in my drink, in food etc. To me there is no “right or wrong gift” there is the perfect gift. To me the perfect gift is any gift that someone gives me because they thought enough of me to give me a gift!!! That in itself is the perfect gift! So to all my friends bring on the lemons and make me smile. Merry Christmas to all of you I love your show

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