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The SHAKE that saves the day!

I recently did a “Jodi” Day” – right before Mother’s Day. My gift from Murphy, where I just take off, leave in the morning and do whatever I want, for however long I want. I got a pedicure and shopped. It was glorious! The time flew. It’s how I started that day that I want to brag about.

For breakfast on my day, I blended up a Isagenix Chocolate Shake. These are part of the plan for Go Cleanse. And even when I’m not doing a Cleanse, I drink these. Especially for breakfast. They are FULL of nutrients. It is filling!! I sipped on it as I got my day started. And I wasn’t hungry until almost 3pm!!! There is more nutrition in that shake, than probably anything else I consumed the entire weekend. And, you can have them anytime. I had 1 for breakfast again today. Its just too easy.

I’ve been so impressed with Go Cleanse and how WELL IT WORKS. It’s a bonus that some of it trickles into my regular life even when I’m just maintaining the pounds I dropped. That shake is 1. And there are other flavors!! So, I wanted to shout out about my new breakfast buddy. And how something easy & tasty is helping me stay lean. Muah!!!


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